Candy Hill ft. Teairra Mari - Head Gone

  • Artist: Candy Hill
  • Track: Head Gone ft. Teairra Mari
  • Feat. Teairra Mari
  • Producer: Candy Hill, Boom and Claudio Cueni
  • Album: TBD

The way I see it, Candy Hill would be either really fun or really irritating to party with. On one hand, the duo is allegedly both “fly” and “cool”, which sounds like a killer combo to me. On the other hand, they are now learning to become a duo after having lost one of their members. They sure aren’t going to blow you away with anything they have to say, and modesty is certainly not one of their virtues, but, hey, if you’re into that kind of girl, party on! Their new single, Head Gone, is a girls'-night-out bump-n-grind track through and through. To their credit, the duo handles most of their own production, getting a little help from Boom and Claudio Cueni. No announcements regarding an album have been made yet.