Capone-n-Noreaga - On Our Grind


While many of N.O.R.E.'s singles on DJBooth (most notably Set It Off and its star-studded remix) have garnered primarily positive reviews, many listeners have indicated he sounds best with his old rhyme partner, Capone. Thus, your wish is their command. C-N-N has reunited and will release their upcoming third studio album, Reporting The War, later this year. If everyone expects the duo to take back their former street status with their new single, On Our Grind, Noreaga reassures them "our spot never got took, I kid you not." Once fans get a refresher of the good-old CNN sound (with Hazardis Soundz on the beat), they'll feel as if the Queens representatives had never left. Stay tuned for a full war report sometime in the second quarter of '08.