Carl Henry - 2 Tha Floor

  • Artist: Carl Henry
  • Track: 2 Tha Floor
  • Producer: Darrell Marshall, Will Guise
  • Album: TBD

Canada's hottest R&B singer, Carl Henry, knows he has to make some big moves now. After three independent albums with such local hits as RNB and I Wish, he's posed to become a major international player. His new single is a blueprint for that 'last dance of the evening' slow jam, and Carl hopes to get the finest lady 2 Tha Floor before somebody else does. While Darrell Marshall and Will Guise provide an equally dramatic waltz beat, the true genius behind 2 Tha Floor's possible success remains uncredited (he's the one shouting the title all over the bridge). Nonetheless, I'm sure the next time he hears the song in the club, all he has to do is tell that special lady he's responsible for all those adlibs and she'll be his!