Cene - My Bumper

  • Artist: Cene
  • Track: My Bumper
  • Producer: Roy "Royalty" Hamilton
  • Album: Ya Girl

18-year old R&B/Pop singer, Cene, is a six-year veteran of the music industry. Her story is more impressive than most others, as she overcame complete deafness in one ear to make it in the business. Now, on the brink of stardom, Cene has released her first major single entitled, My Bumper. Her upbeat vocals seem to mix perfectly with Roy “Royalty” Hamilton's Nitti-esque party production, making My Bumper everything you would (and should) expect from an R&B singer's first offering (well, minus an MIA guest rapper). Cene's major-label debut, Ya Girl, is set to hit stores sometime in 2008.