Charles Hamilton - 3PM

  • Artist: Charles Hamilton
  • Track: 3PM
  • Producer: Charles Hamilton
  • Album: Where Is Charles Hamilton Mixtape

At 3 AM one recent morning, Eminem was surprised to find that his evil alter-ego, Slim Shady, had gone on one of his murderous rampages and left the grisly remains all over the apartment floor.  Turn the clock ahead twelve hours to 3PM, and you find fellow 'Scope MC Charles Hamilton channeling his own darker side, fittingly personified as Shadow the Hedgehog.  In addition to his murderous bars, Hamilton serves up a spine-tingling choir-guitar-old-piano beat—don't shut this off before you hear his 'sound collage' denouement, which incorporate samples from classic movies, Spanish rock music, and South Park3PM might not be familiar territory for Charles Hamilton, but it's most certainly proof of his versatility as an artist. Fans can hear more of Hamilton's many styles on his upcoming debut album, This Perfect Life—submitted to Interscope just last week, the LP is set to hit stores sometime this June.



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