Cherish - Framed Out

  • Artist: Cherish
  • Track: Framed Out
  • Producer: Tricky Stewart
  • Album: The Truth

Following their pop-sounding debut Unappreciated, R&B group Cherish decided that they wanted to let the world know The Truth. On the first single from their forthcoming album, a boy with Killa swag arrived at the scene (and happened to get them into the star-studded Step Up 2 Soundtrack). Realizing that some fans might become upset because they largely abandoned their old style, the four sisters wisely provide some cheer with the trendy, Framed Out. Evidently, their earlier buzz single Shoe Fanatic must have disappeared from their studio computers. Otherwise what can explain Framed Out using the same theme, only substituting shoes for shades? Either way, The Truth hits ears, and eyes, April 29.