Childish Gambino - Sober

  • Artist: Childish Gambino
  • Track: Sober
  • Producer: Childish Gambino, Ludwig Göransson

Update: The visuals for Childish Gambino's Sober single have been added.

There's always an eerie undertone or unhappy theme in every Childish Gambino music video. Decaying teddy bears, killer aliens, a room full of Bino's, for an artist to accumulate his level of acclaim you'd expect at least one happy ending. He continues this trend of foreboding sadness with his latest visual masterpiece. The song, Sober, from his 2014 Kauai EP has the actor/rapper slumped over in a sea of depression after trying his hardest to win the affection of a silent beauty awaiting her take-out order. Inside a deserted diner, his affections are shown through dance, despite his choreography being good enough to rival Chris Brown, his love went unrequited. This is the first release from the silent Gambino, who recently deleted all his tweets, and removed all the content from his websites. We aren't too sure what inspired the drastic change, but we hope that he continues outputting incredible audio and visuals.