Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave ("Oakland by Lloyd")

  • Artist: Childish Gambino
  • Track: Telegraph Ave ("Oakland by Lloyd")
  • Producer: Ludwig Göransson, Childish Gambino
  • Album: Because Of The Internet

Hiro Murai is slowly becoming one of The DJBooth's favorite directors; he worked with Earl on the eerie visuals for Chum, and his recent breathtaking work with Flying Lotus on Never Catch Me is nothing short of a masterpiece. Now, the Tokyo cinematographer continues his streak of genius with creative mastermind Childish Gambino. This isn't the first time the two have collaborated, Hiro was behind the lens for Gambino's bizarre Sweatpants and mind-boggling short film, Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, and now he brings Telegraph Ave to cinematic life. Jhené Aiko plays a stunning love interest, and the gorgeous setting screams romantic getaway. Don't let yourself get sucked into the affection, with Hiro Murai directing, there is always some extraordinary twist. Gambino, who hasn't had a bad release all year, is constantly flooding the internet with enough content to keep his name afloat until 3005. Lucky us.


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