Chingy ft. Huey & Gena - St. Louis N*ggaz

  • Artist: Chingy
  • Track: St. Louis N*ggaz ft. Huey & Gena
  • Feat. Huey, Gena
  • Producer: Jermaine Dupri
  • Album: Hate It or Love It

The cosmos must have aligned because St. Louis rappers are actually working with one another. Joining forces for the first since Nelly yelled out, “Uhhh Ohhh” and The Lou joined the proverbial hip hop map, three artists from Missouri’s biggest city are on one track. Veteran rapper Chingy and new school MC Huey welcome East St. Louis (which is actually located in Illinois) artist Gena for the aptly titled, St. Louis N*ggaz. The three Midwesterners all spice up their verses with typical Lou slang and a high level of energy. Maybe there is hope after all for the Crips and the Bloods?