Chip Tha Ripper ft. Casey Veggies - The Jam


Chip Tha Ripper did two things on Monday that his fans may enjoy: he Tweeted that he declined an invitation to be on XXL's Freshman Cover and he also dropped a new track. The Jam, featuring Casey Veggies, has a lot going on, so let's start from the beginning. Produced by Big Duke and Chip himself, the opening sounds like the theme song to some old school Game Boy. However, we quickly get a change of pass with a Cam'ron sample from What Means The World To You, which already samples The Police's Roxanne, so we're sampling samples now! Then we get another production change as Chip starts to spit over what now sounds like a Lex Luger H.A.M. beat. If production didn't remind you enough of a Kanye/Jay track, in my opinion Chip's flow is also similar to Jay-Z's flow as well. Veggies comes in later to add his sixteen, which carries on with the same pace as Chip's vocals. While it's not a bad song, it is probably a good thing that no album is attached to this one - some songs are just meant to be bumped once.