Chris Webby - Stand Up


Next Monday, Connecticut phenom Chris Webby will be unleashing his highly-anticipated studio debut, Chemically Imbalanced. Though numerous acclaimed singles off the set have already hit our front page, the artist isn't about to make fans suffer through a six-day drought of fresh material. To keep y'all busy in the interim, he's liberated Stand Up. Here, Webby offers an offbeat, yet impassioned take on a number of serious topics, expressing his frustration with climate change, GMOs, government corruption, war overseas and other hot-button issues. Supa Dups provides a reggae-informed instrumental backdrop for his bars. Feeling it? Then be sure to check back with us on the 27th, when Chris's freshman set will be available for free streaming in the Booth.

Editor's Note: For reasons unknown, eOne has removed the Soundcloud stream for Webby's Stand Up single. Our apologies.