Cisco Adler ft. Don Carlos & G-Eazy - Boom Boom Boom

  • Artist: Cisco Adler
  • Track: Boom Boom Boom
  • Feat. G-Eazy
  • Producer: Cisco Adler
  • Album: Aloha

Like so many dudes, Cisco Adler is motivated to step out onto the dancefloor not just in order to move his own body, but to see fly females do the same. On his latest single, he asks the DJ to put on "that sh*t that go Boom Boom Boom," so he can better enjoy the goods on display. Joining in over Adler's own Island boardwork, Don Carlos and Endless Summer emcee G-Eazy contribute guest vocals. For more, check out Cisco's Aloha EP, available for purchase via iTunes.