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City of God - Over You

  • Artist: City of God
  • Track: Over You
  • Producer: City of God
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

After making their grand entrance into the Booth with 2008's Fly Away, up-and-coming crew City of God promptly, well, flew away. Now, four years older and wiser, Miami representatives Daniel Foganholi, Stephanie Magro, Rocco Milord, Raphael Ramos, Tiago Magro and Gunnar Vingren return to our pages with a brand new promo single. Over You finds the crew flipping a funky sample from France Joli's record of the same title into a bombastic, body-moving backdrop for refreshingly upbeat (if occasionally vindictive) reflections on post-breakup regret—or, more specifically, the lack thereof. Aware that the best revenge is living well, Foganholi informs his ex-girl that, since she walked out the door, he's made marked improvements in every area of his life. (Including the bedroom: “Then there was Miss Green, she left 'cause my sex game wasn't supreme. / I learned to hold it down, and I got a lot of practice, how you like me now?”) This catchy, easily-relatable jam isn't attached to any forthcoming project, but those feeling it can keep it locked for further freshness from the Panhandle State buzzmakers.

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