Clap Cognac - NYC

  • Artist: Clap Cognac
  • Track: NYC
  • Producer: Trujillo AKA Chino
  • Album: Stay Hungry Mixtape

It's common for artists to rep their hometowns, but on his current single NYC (off his Stay Hungry mixtape), Clap Cognac seems to pay homage to only the bad side of New York City. “Clap” being an acronym for “Camouflage Lodge Attacking Problems,” Cognac is known for addressing social issues in his rhymes. With a head-banging beat over a soft, angelic voice in the background, Cognac does just that: referencing the thugs, drugs, and crooked cops in New York, but also taking note of the musical talents that have come out of the city. Regardless of the city's flaws, however, Cognac claims that he will rep NYC until he dies.