Clyde Shankle - Alieve

  • Artist: Clyde Shankle
  • Track: Alieve
  • Producer: Vercetti Lake
  • Album: Aglets EP

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: the title of Clyde Shankle's latest single is pronounced “alive,” as in “Crazy people think Tupac is still alive,” not “Aleve,” as in “I just popped a couple Aleve for my arthritis pain.” As for why he chose to spell it “Alieve”... well, why the hell not? Making its world premiere in The DJBooth, the latest single off the Berkeley-based rap buzzmaker's next EP finds him going in over the boom-bap percussion and dissonant piano loops of Vercetti Lake. He matches the instrumental's grimy vibe on the lyrical tip, lambasting his competitors' fakeness and sheisty behavior (“Same n**ga that's cuttin' your check, huh? / Same n**ga that say your single's up next, huh?”) in allusive, tightly-wound verses. Clyde's Aglets EP is slated to drop later this year, following the release of Indian Summer, his latest album as part of hip-hop crew Na(T)ive Son. While you wait for further details on both forthcoming sets, why not take a listen to The Marina, his recent contribution to our exclusive freestyle series?