Cobe Obeah - Roseshaw Magic

  • Artist: Coby Obi
  • Track: Roseshaw Magic
  • Producer: starRo
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Contrary to what popular music suggests, making it rain at the strip club is more likely to empty out your bank account than convince a dancer to go home with you. A better strategy? Be Cobe Obeah. As the L.A. rapper and songwriter informs us on his latest “demo,” he's got that Roseshaw Magic that makes seduction a snap. Soulection producer starRo handles production on this languid burner, turning in a syrupy-slow synth beat that matches the record's steamy theme. Feeling it? Then stay tuned; Roseshaw isn't part of a larger project, but Obeah is prepping a new collection of demos, Behold Magia, for release before winter's end.