Cocked-N-Locked - Dress Code

  • Artist: Cocked-N-Locked
  • Track: Dress Code
  • Producer: Lil' Jon
  • Album: Undisputed

Houston has Rap-A-Lot and Swishahouse, Dallas has T-Town Music and Cocked-N-Locked hopes to create a representative for San Antonio. Obviously knowing who can help make a mark, Famous, Lonestar, and SoS.A somehow enlist Lil' Jon's trademark keyboard production, even getting a few of his whaats for their ode to fresh fashion, Dress Code. Unlike several other underground artists that get major production, they spit colorful lyricism which actually fits the beat rather tightly. Although it's still unclear whether San Antonio will ever be on the major map like Houston and Dallas, if it does, then future fans can look back and be proud of how it all began.