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Evident (Formerly Colorblind) - The Break Up Song


The city of Corpus Christi, Texas, has been home to several of the finer acts in popular music, producing extraordinary talent from the late great Selena to current-day singer Paula DeAnda. Ready to continue the ‘Sparkling City’ tradition are hip-hop/R&B duo Colorblind, composed of Latino rapper P3 and R&B singer Willie Wheat, who are looking to connect in a way anyone could relate to. On The Break Up Song, P3 has a lot on his mind; he hopes to uncover why his lady's upset and how he can make it right. Meanwhile, Willie Wheat sees a similar pattern with his relationship and likewise is hoping to stabilize the situation. So, fellas, next time one of your friends gets dumped by his lady, tell him to play The Break Up Song; he'll most likely feel a whole lot better!