Cooley B - Go Harder

  • Artist: Cooley B
  • Track: Go Harder
  • Producer: Black Jab
  • Album: R.C.B.F. (RedCup BlueFeelings)

Booth newcomer Cooley B may make this rap sh*t look easy, but the stress and strain of the hustle leave him in constant danger of burnout. Whenever he's approaching the end of his rope, though, he thinks of the haters; the prospect of proving them wrong gives him all the motivation he needs to get back to work and Go even Harder than before. On this freshly-minted mixtape single, the unsigned Baltimore repper lets his foes know that their prayers for his downfall only strengthen his will to succeed, flowing over the grimy guitar/organ samples and cowbell-laced percussion of Black Jab. Like what you're hearing? More bangers await on Cooley B.'s R.C.B.F. (RedCup BlueFeelings) street album, released at the top of the month and available for free download via HotNewHipHop.