Craig David - Insomnia

  • Artist: Craig David
  • Track: Insomnia
  • Producer: Jim Beanz
  • Album: Greatest Hits Compilation

Craig David has a résumé that most people would envy, but somehow has always fallen short of expectations stateside. With a greatest hits compilation scheduled for release on November 24, however, the Southhampton, Hampshire, England born-singer/songwriter offers this lil’ nugget for your entertainment. Insomnia, the only single off the project, is a hot, upbeat dance track with a bass-heavy beat courtesy of Timbaland protégé Jim Beanz. After the U.S. has a chance to elect its new president on the 4th of November, Americans will have the choice of requesting that this catchy song be played at radio and on music television. Insomnia finds David confident and energetic, two qualities that will play well with the club scene. The former Artful Dodger vocalist has created another scorcher; will you stay up all night listening?