Crooked I - Mr. Porter Meets Mr. Pigface

  • Artist: KXNG CROOKED
  • Track: Mr. Porter Meets Mr. Pigface
  • Producer: Mr. Porter
  • Album: Unreleased

I haven't met him, but I'd wager that, by day, Dominick “Crooked I” Wickliffe is one of the most pleasant people you could ever meet. My reasoning? Only an exceptionally good-natured individual would feel the urge to invent a split personality as vicious as the Long Beach mainstay's porcine-pussed, gun-toting alter-ego. On unreleased cut Mr. Porter Meets Mr. Pigface, we get to hear the Hyde to the Slaughterhouse emcee's Jekyll take center stage over the retro-infomed production of his fellow Shady affiliate. Denaun Porter keeps things surprisingly chill, mixing synth pads and understated (yet bass-heavy) percussion in a manner evoking mid-90's West Coast music at its mellowest; the laid-back instrumental, however, only accentuates the witty brutality of Crook's rhymes: “What started out as a simple car ride became a drive-by / Divided your black ass from your white meat like apartheid, die hogtied.” This joint isn't set for inclusion on Crooked I's forthcoming EP, Million Dollar Story, but those who like what they're hearing can look forward to more Pigface/Porter collabs on the yet-unscheduled project.