Crooked I - Swagga Like Crook

  • Artist: KXNG CROOKED
  • Track: Swagga Like Crook
  • Producer: Komplex
  • Album: Block Obama Mixtape

Ever since Jay-Z and T.I.'s co-single, Swagga Like Us (also featuring Kanye & Weezy), first hit our DJBooth, the song has practically become A Milli 2.0, with the volume of artists freestyling over it reaching excess. Long Beach resident Crooked I adopts a similar theme on Swagga Like Crook, but instead of using Yeezy's original instrumental, the long time slept-on rap veteran chooses to use a brand-new electric guitar beat by producer Komplex. With the West Coast rap scene experiencing an elongated rap decline, Crook knows it will take a new leader to bring it back to prominence, stopping at nothing to see it through (or in his words, “right around the time you see Soulja Boy doing a song with Ice T”). Crooked I's long-awaited The Block Obama mixtape landed online yesterday.