Curbside Jones - FaceTime With God

  • Artist: Curbside Jones
  • Track: FaceTime With God
  • Producer: Phill Blanks
  • Album: WakeUpSuper: Hyper Omega Elbow Drop Alpha Edition

I have no doubt that God has an iPhone; I can't imagine our grand creator belittling his greatness with the primitive Samsung Galaxy s5. With that said, praying should be left in the past with human interaction and the pay-phone. Austin, Texas creative Curbside Jones steps into the future with his latest offering, FaceTime With God. Despite the incredible title, the song has little to do with FaceTime or God, but rather a self-reflective look on life. The record was inspired by a refreshing vacation to California-- where Curbside cleansed himself of social media and keeping up with the Kardashians. Phill Blanks supplies a smooth groove; the imagery clings to the laid-back production like a couple of love-sick teenagers left unattended. FaceTime With God will be featured on the remix/deluxe edition of Curbside's WakeUpSuper!. Expect WakeUpSuper: Hyper Omega Elbow Drop Alpha Edition to be available for complete consumption soon.



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