D. Julien ft. RNB - Think About That

  • Artist: D. Julien
  • Track: Think About That ft. RNB
  • Producer: Buzz
  • Album: The Experiment

Here's a riddle for all you Booth-heads: What's better than an online premiere? Why, two online premieres and a world premiere, of course! In addition to Pay$0z' Go Hard and Sabrina's They Don't Know What I've Been Through, the Booth is proud to present a brand new cut off D. Julien's debut album, The Experiment. At the spot, Julien is faced with an all-too-common dilemma: a woman's been flirting with him, but she's already in a relationship. Since she's unable to make up her mind, Julien suggests she Think About That for a while and get back to him later. Featuring a hook by RNB and a Neptunes-esque beat from Buzz, Think About That should stir up a strong buzz for D. Julien's debut album, The Experiment, which will be available for download later today.