Dallas Austin - Hot Girls In Da Bathroom

  • Artist: Dallas Austin
  • Track: Hot Girls In Da Bathroom
  • Producer: Dallas Austin
  • Album: 8 Daze A Weakend

Songwriter, producer and performer Dallas Austin is a lucky man. After pleading guilty to drug charges in Dubai, and receiving a four-year prison sentence, the Grammy-winning musician who helped groups like TLC and Boyz II Men rise to fame was unexpectedly freed from prison and granted a pardon by the ruler of the Middle Eastern Country. Once back in Atlanta, Austin simply wanted to forget about his problems. So one night, while waiting waiting in line to use the bathroom at a club, Austin noticed that women were tipping the attendant and passing him by. When he finally walked in to relieve himself, he realized there was a crazy party inside. The moral of the story? There are Hot Girls In Da Bathroom, not in foreign prisons; so stay away from the cocaine in Dubai.