D’Angelo - Sugah Daddy

  • Artist: D'Angelo
  • Track: Sugah Daddy
  • Producer: D’Angelo, Pino Palladino & James Gadson
  • Album: Black Messiah

For years, fans and industry folk alike have been promised a new album from D'Angelo. Heck, it's been 14 years since his Grammy-winning, Platinum-certified Voodoo hit store shelves. Last week, though, the clock struck 11pm on the waiting game. The Virginia native announced that, along with his band, The Vanguard, he will be releasing his new studio album this month. The first, sweet taste of the LP is Sugah Daddy, a vintage D'Angelo record with whimsical vocals and a funky mix of keys and bluesy horns. The song, which was officially released as part of Red Bull’s 20 Before 15 series, will appear on Black Messiah, due out Tuesday, December 16.

UPDATE: Black Messiah is now out.


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