Death By Icon - Conundrum (Remix)

  • Artist: Death By Icon
  • Track: Conundrum (Remix)
  • Producer: Death By Icon
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Music comfort food is, of course, dope, but there's something to be said for art that defies expectations and forces you to connect the dots. Listeners who like to exercise their brains while they vibe out are sure to appreciate the aural Conundrum Chi-Town newcomers Death By Icon serve up on their debut feature, premiering here in its officially remixed form. Like its prototype, this revamp features vocalists Victor Birriel and Anthony Amponin spitting over in-house production, but this time around the former's cavernous, eerie instrumental backdrop has been switched out for a more menacing, rougher-edged electronic groove. The remix isn't attached to anything larger, but fans can find the original and much more on the crew's 2014 indie full-length, Trybecca.