Demic & Bawsten - Wait Till I Blow

  • Artist: Demic & Bawsten
  • Track: Wait Till I Blow
  • Producer: Demic
  • Album: The Golden Record

I’m almost certain that you’ve never heard of New Jersey rappers Demic & Bawsten. But hey, there’s a first time for everything, so consider this an introduction. The two rookie emcees have a new track, Wait Till I Blow, that’s so fresh (literally and perhaps figuratively – you be the judge) that it’s not even floating around the Internet yet. As its title suggests, it’s about the duo’s supposedly inevitable rise to fame. Demic handles the production, laying down an airy East Coast beat that gives their lyrics plenty of room to breathe. It all sounds endearingly amateur, but with a helluva lot of promise. Check out Demic’s upcoming album, The Golden Record, due this winter.