DEMRICK ft. Kidd Upstairs - Tone It Down

  • Artist: Demrick
  • Track: Tone It Down
  • Feat. Kidd Upstairs
  • Producer: BOATS (Kidd Upstairs, Cali Cleve & Matty Sims)
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

West Coast rhymesayer DEMRICK has joined forces with Oakland rapper/producer and fellow DJBooth regular Kidd Upstairs to craft his latest single. Though the record's titled “Tone It Down,” listeners are more likely to turn it up when the dreamy, sampled beat starts emanating from their speakers or headphones. Over the blunted instrumental backdrop (produced by BOATS, a collective made up of Kidd, Cali Cleve and Matty Sims), the collaborators reminisce about their respective rebellious childhoods in passionate, hustle-centric verses. This cut isn't attached to a larger set, but we'll be featuring more new music from DEMRICK leading up to the November 4, release of his next indie full-length, Losing Focus.