Derty Den - Street Dreaming

  • Artist: Derty Den
  • Track: Street Dreaming
  • Producer: Black Jeruz
  • Album: TBD

For the longest time, the “Dirty South” movement was misconstrued as a bunch of country bumpkins who only rhymed about big-booty girls and bling-bling. For North Carolina native Derty Den, however, the South was the canvas upon which he would paint his masterpiece. Den’s true-to-life style is showcased over producer Black Jeruz's organ-heavy street banger on Street Dreaming, off his currently-untitled upcoming debut album. With a powerful voice, crazy imagery, and a persona that's equal parts street and smooth, this hefty emcee has set the tone for the career that awaits him. Covered by everyone from The Source to AllHipHop’s “Breeding Ground”, and crowned as Best Southern Artist at the Underground Music Awards, Den looks ready to turn his street dreams into a Billboard reality.