Diddy ft. Mario Winans - Through The Pain (She Told Me)

  • Artist: Diddy
  • Track: Through The Pain (She Told Me) ft. Mario Winans
  • Feat. Mario Winans
  • Producer: Mario Winans & Sean Combs
  • Album: Press Play

Yo, Diddy is a hit machine. I’d love to rag on him because he’s certainly successful, smug and rich enough to take the abuse, but the truth is he keeps producing songs that are tight, smart and infectious. Through The Pain (She Told Me) with help by Mario Winans (as singer and co-producer), is the sign of a mature artist who knows how to control his lyrics and restrain his melodies. True: he could develop his wordplay more and bring more depth to this piece. But quite honestly, Diddy, the consummate professional, knows possibly better than anyone else, that Through the Pain doesn’t need swagger and violence to hit you right in the stomach. This song is the strangest of Hip-Hop adjectives: beautiful.