DJ Burn One ft. Rittz - Fish Hook

  • Artist: DJ Burn One
  • Track: Fish Hook
  • Feat. Rittz
  • Producer: Five Points (DJ Burn One, Go! Ricky Go! & Walt-Live)
  • Album: Greenwood

Some records pass through your mental like water through a sieve. Others get stuck there every bit as quickly and tenaciously as a Fish Hook snags in a trout's mouth. With apologies to all y'all for that slightly painful metaphor, the latest single off DJ Burn One's forthcoming compilation falls into the second category. Coming on the heels of Light a Spliff and In Here, the third song release off Greenwood sees Burn One once again linking up with Five Points colleagues Go! Ricky Go! and Walt-Live. This time around, the trio's smooth sax riffs and scintillating piano loops accompany fractious, relentlessly-flowed bars by longtime reader fave Rittz. Greenwood remains unscheduled, but we'll keep you supplied with all the latest news and tunes leading up to its eventual release.