DJ Burn One ft. Scotty ATL & Trouble - Light a Spliff


Generally, I'm of the opinion that a quality smokers' jam sounds just as good if you don't partake in the herb. But when DJ Burn One liberates a record titled Light a Spliff, the universe might be trying to tell you something. (No weed for me, though, because I'm on the job.) Part of the reader-acclaimed DJ and beatsmith's next compilation album, this cut sees burgeoning Booth fave Scotty ATL and DTE signee Trouble trading gritty recollections of the street life. 5 Points mans the boards, backing their bars with a melancholy, soulfully blunted mix of guitars, strings, keys and slow-rolling percussion. Greenwood currently remains unscheduled, but we'll keep you posted on the set as we learn more.