DJ Infamous ft. 2 Chainz & Jeezy - Dikembe


Trends in rap tend to have the longevity of Antoine Dodson, appearing suddenly and quickly replaced by another momentary fixation. One of the longest running trends is the repetitive use of someones name as a chorus. Rick Ross thought he was MC Hammer, The Migos sold Hanna Montana, and on a brand new DJ Infamous firecracker, 2 Chainz and Jeezy have blocks like NBA icon Dikembe Mutombo. Dikembe is painfully catchy, the two southern veterans bring their charming braggadocio that will surely light fire to Atlanta radio. Infamous is preparing his upcoming mixtape Talk 2 Me, slated for a December release. If it's full of bangers like Dikembe and the previous released Somethin' Right, it will carry us right into the summer of 2015.