DJ JS-1 ft. Large Professor - Like This


DJ JS-1 is one opinionated guy; in his MySpace blog, the Brooklyn native has posted lengthy, unapologetically controversial rants against Christmas, cell phones, people who walk—oh, and just about every single person involved in mainstream urban music. If you were to ask him “What does real hip-hop sound like?”, though, the answer would be surprisingly simple and to-the-point: “It sounds something Like This.” Backed by an soul-sampling beat that, though old-school through and through, is plenty catchy enough to please non-purists, JS-1's first Booth feature is a cut that speaks for itself. Veteran emcee/producer Large Professor delivers an equally ear-pleasing brand of retro freshness on the lyrical tip, and his authoritative delivery proves perfectly matched to the “hardcore, New York, rough, rugged and raw” instrumental. It's bona fide hip-hop without the 'Sell Out' aftertaste, and listeners can expect more of the same on June 23rd, when DJ JS-1's latest album arrives in stores and online.