DJ Paul ft. Lord Infamous - U Don't Want It

  • Artist: DJ Paul
  • Track: U Don't Want It ft. Lord Infamous
  • Producer: DJ Paul
  • Album: Scale-A-Ton (Skeleton)

Though Three 6 Mafia's biggest mainstream hits have come in the last five years (see Stay Fly, Poppin' My Collar, Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)), many of their longtime fans still prefer their '90s “horrorcore” work. Ready to give 'em what they want, DJ Paul's forthcoming solo album, Scale-A-Ton (Skeleton), will be chock full of the dark, underground sounds with which he and his group originally hit the scene. To demonstrate, we present U Don't Want It. Paul samples German composer Carl Orff's O Fortuna (also heard on Nas' Hate Me Now and Cam'ron's Get 'Em Girls) on the beat and brings out his brother (and former Triple 6 member), Lord Infamous, out of hiding for the middle verse. As if that isn't spooky enough, we get to hear Vincent Price's maniacal laughter from Michael Jackson's Thriller toward the end—believe me, you can't get more spine-chilling than that! For more of that old-fashioned ghostriding (literally) music, keep a lookout for Scale-A-Ton (Skeleton), which hits record stores and online retailers May 5.



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