Dominic ft. Unkle Edmondo - When The Smoke Clears

  • Artist: Dominic
  • Track: When The Smoke Clears
  • Producer: Covea Jiles Music
  • Album: Promo Single

Though rising R&B star Dominic's refers to himself as “Mr. Unknown Somebody” on his MySpace, he may soon have to revise that moniker. Having achieved considerable reader acclaim for his guest vocals on tracks by several big-name artists, as well as unreleased cut Hear Me Now, the L.A. native is back to let listeners (and ladies) everywhere know that, When the Smoke Clears, his hitmaking prowess will be plain as day. Making its exclusive world premiere at, this promo single has all the makings of a club hit—though some might take issue with the singer's use of a certain (in)famous studio effect, most will find the cut too catchy to care, and the body-moving appeal of Covea Jile Music's muscular, bass-pounding beat is undeniable. Up-and-coming emcee Unkle Edmondo steps up to the mic on the back end, expanding upon Dominic's theme with a rapped tale of lust in the club. There will always be an audience for this type of dancefloor-scorching jam, and, once the smoke clears the room, you can bet that listeners and execs alike will be paying attention.