Doomtree - Gray Duck

  • Artist: Doomtree
  • Track: Gray Duck
  • Producer: Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger
  • Album: All Hands

If you spent your preschool and kindergarten years in the USA, you're almost certainly familiar with the rules of Duck, Duck, Goose. That is, unless you came up in Minnesota, in which case you know it as Duck, Duck Gray Duck. Never shy about broadcasting their Twin Cities pride, local crew Doomtree take inspiration from the latter variation of the game on a new single off their next studio album. But they clearly ain't playing; from Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, and Paper Tiger's aggressive boardwork (featuring Jake Hanson on guitar) to the crew's relentless verses, everything about this jam is dead serious. All Hands, the follow-up to 2011's No Kings, is slated to hit record stores and online retailers January 27.