Dre Biggity - On My Meet The Parents Sh*t

  • Artist: Dre Biggity
  • Track: On My Meet The Parents Sh*t
  • Producer: Best Kept Secret
  • Album: Diaper Dandy 2 Mixtape

In the grand scheme of unexpected samples Inland Empire representer and DJBooth Freestyle alum Dre Biggity’s using Queen’s The Show Must Go On to open his new, oddly titled On My Meet The Parents S**t, making it’s premier right here, right now, isn’t quite as unexpected as Haddaway sample popping up on Eminem’s No Love, but it’s up there. Luckily, if there’s any producer who could make a source like that work it’s Meet the Parent’s co-creator Best Kept Secret, who expertly flips Freddie Mercury’s plaintive intro in a dark, strings-driven, banger. Matching the beat note for note is Biggity, who builds on the success of previous efforts like On the Comedown with a complexly narrative flow you’ll need to listen to every word of. You might want to take notes, it’s about to get deep. Meet the Parents will appear on both Dre’s upcoming Diaper Dandy 2 mixtape (the sequel to Diaper Dandy, dropping on DJBooth October 25) and on the Booth-hosted Dre$tation 2K11 Demo Disc, a mixtape that will preview several of Dre’s upcoming projects. Got it? Good.



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