Dude N' Nem - Watch My Feet

  • Artist: Dude N' Nem
  • Track: Watch My Feet
  • Producer: X-cel
  • Album: TBA

Is Chicago’s Juke scene dead or alive? Very much alive, if Dude N' Nem have anything to say about it. Combining elements of Electronica, Hip-Hop and Psychedelica, Watch My Feet is Dude and Nem’s dedication to Footworking, one of the many local dance moves hailing from the Chi. Watch My Feet is basically eight lines away from being straight chorus, borders on cheesiness and the song is def redundant. But, at least, Dude N' Nem with help from producer X-cel, bring a feel-good piece to an industry plagued with bullet holes. And for that alone, it gets props.