Dujeous ft. The Shins - Into Night

  • Artist: Dujeous
  • Track: Into Night ft. The Shins
  • Producer: Dujeous, James Mercer, and Joe Chiccarelli
  • Album: No Clearance Series

The e-streets are currently the hottest place to push your product, and no one understands this better than New York’s illest hip-hop band, Dujueous. Every Tuesday, the group will drop an uncleared and uncut joint from their new No Clearance Series. Into Night, the first release in the series, is an inspirational song featuring production by James Mercer and Joe Chiccarelli. The cut follows the band towards their triumphant wrap-up on Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2009, when they will drop No Clearance: The Series. This forthcoming album will include all the leaks that have put the group in the spotlight. Rather than over-saturating the market with fraudulent claims of hood grandeur, Dujueous and indie-pop band The Shins have picked up the torch handed off to them by The Roots, and look to put their twist on the hip-hop live band with some very interesting musical choices. Stay tuned.