Durag Dynasty ft. Killa Kali - Biodegradable Haters

  • Artist: Durag Dynasty
  • Track: Biodegradable Haters
  • Producer: DirtyDiggs
  • Album: Extended Capes EP Part One

A few days ago, an enterprising Twitter user declared it #DuRagHistoryWeek and, believe it or not, it's has seriously taken off. West Coast crew Durag Dynasty were on that like, well, durags on rappers, and they've demonstrated their enthusiasm for the concept by unleashing a brand new record. On EP single Biodegradable Haters, crewmates Planet Asia, Tristate and Killer Ben offer their foes a new home six feet underground. Killa Kali assists on the guest tip, joining the trio over a majestic, brass-led beat by DirtyDiggs. Feeling it? You'll be able to find Biodegradable Haters and much more on DuRag Dynasty's Extended Capes EP Part One, due out this December.