Duran - Invisible Movement (Die Slow)

  • Artist: Duran
  • Track: Invisible Movement (Die Slow)
  • Producer: The Upperclassmen
  • Album: Stargazers: Why Shouldn't It Be Us

It's been a hot minute—more than a year, in fact—since Duran blessed our pages with his last feature, Almost Perfect. What's he been up to in the meantime? A lot of thinking, for one thing. On Invisible Movement (Die Slow), the Maryland phenom offers a fiery, yet thoughtful take on the slowly-simmering racism that recently gave rise to explosions of unrest in Ferguson, New York City and beyond. The Upperclassmen man the boards, flipping the same Alicia Keys sample Yeezy did on Lil Wayne's Comfortable and tying the record together with some sampled commentary from Malcolm X. Invisible Movement will be featured on Duran's next project, the yet-unscheduled Stargazers: Why Shouldn't It Be Us.