Dust - Playing God

  • Artist: Dust
  • Track: Playing God
  • Producer: Dust and the Operator
  • Album: Dust Raps the Blues

If there's one thing classic sci-fi movies have taught me, it's that nothing good can come from humans Playing God. Dust's latest feature, however, has forced me to reconsider that received notion. On this upbeat, irreverent album standout, the Pacific Northwestern rapper and producer fills us in on what he'd do if he were the Man Upstairs. In addition to taking full advantage of his immortality, he promises to institute a few reforms to make the world a little bit doper for the rest of us: “No cops to crash the party tonight, and everybody here gonna get laid.” Dust and Operator join forces to create the record's bluesy, sampled beat. Does this joint have you giving thanks to the Lord? More bangers await on the artist's Dust Raps the Blues street album, available for free download as of October 1.

Update: Click "Watch Video" above or scroll down (for mobile) to view Dust's Drew Martin-directed Playing God visual.