Dylan Owen - Everything Gets Old

  • Artist: Dylan Owen
  • Track: Everything Gets Old
  • Producer: Skinny Atlas & Jason Moss
  • Album: There's More To Life

"Because I would rather crash my car on purpose that grow up to be a person who's unhappy with an accidental life..." Dylan Owen knows that There's More To Life, as he's decided to name his forthcoming EP - three years in the making - after that idea, and today he makes his Booth debut with the world premiere of a freshly-minted set of visuals off of the project. With a knack for heartfelt storytelling, the upstate New York native speaks on coming of age in Everything Gets Old over the melancholy sounds of Skinny Atlas and Jason Moss. He's joined by his closest friends for the Mike Holland-directed video, as they live out their days of youth while wondering what the future has in store for them, surely a narrative many a young person is currently living out. There's More To Life is scheduled for release on June 8.