DyMe-A-DuZiN ft. Adrian Lau & Wati Heru - Mo Ends, More Enemies


Back in the '90s, Biggie taught us that mo' money invariably leads to mo' problems. On his latest single, NYC buzzmaker DyMe-A-DuZiN suggests a corollary to that claim: Mo Ends, Mo Enemies. Harry Fraud looks to the Dirty Projectors for inspiration on the production tip, flipping one of the indie-rock darlings' spindly guitar lines into an ear-catching backdrop for the confident rhymes of DyMe and his fellow B.K. reppers, Adrian Lau and Wati Heru. Are you feeling this cut's energy? If so, you can keep it locked for more quality singles leading up to the summer release of the headliner's Warner Bros. debut, Hip Hope.