E-40 - Choices (Yup)

  • Artist: E-40
  • Track: Choices (Yup)
  • Producer: Poly Boy
  • Album: Sharp on All 4 Corners

Every day, we face myriad Choices, many of them challenging and fraught with unforeseeable consequences. With others, however, the right answer couldn't be more obvious—like the decision whether to listen to E-40's latest single. On this whip-ready selection, the Bay Area mainstay showcases his lyrical ingenuity by delivering his bars in a question-and-answer format: “Ever told on a n**ga? (Nope!) / Ever squeezed a trigger? (Yup!).” Poly Boy provides a laid-back, bass-heavy synth beat to accompany Charlie Hustle's bars. Fans will be able to find Choices and much more on the first two volumes of E-40's four-volume Sharp on All 4 Corners LP, set to hit record stores and online retailers December 9.