Elijah Blake - Black Whisky

  • Artist: Elijah Blake
  • Track: Black Whisky
  • Producer: Trakmatic
  • Album: None (Promo Single)

Like a stiff drink, love can cloud your mental, make you dizzy and persuade you to do things you'd never do in a normal state of consciousness. So it's not hard to understand what Elijah Blake means when, on this fresh promo single, he compares his feelings for an ex-girl to “Black Whisky in my blood.” His first release since liberating his latest EP at the top of the month, this record sees the Def Jam signee marveling at the way in which people passionately in love can turn into strangers: “You and I used to be more than just the first letters in 'unity' / But now we've got a sad case of amnesia, when I see you I don't know you, you don't know me.Trakmatik produces the record's instrumental backdrop, a moonlit mix of four-on-the-floor percussion, synths and disco-informed guitar/string flourishes. Black Whisky is just a loosie, but those feeling it are encouraged to check out the Drift EP, out now online.