Publish date:
  • Artist: ELMNT
  • Track: HOVA
  • Producer: TEK.LUN

It's not up for debate; HOVA is one of the greatest of all time. Just thinking of all the emcees he has inspired over the years will blow your mind. Canadian emcee ELMNT confesses to being one of those on his latest single. Though he "used to wanna rhyme like Hova," he now has his own style, one that is perfect for him. Even Jay himself might stumble upon this drum-and-bass-y, flanged beat from TEK.LUN, but ELMNT seems to glide over it as he remembers the past and looks to the future. This record is not part of a larger project, but those craving more can check out ELMNT's last Booth feature, last November's Yours, Jah.