Eminem ft. Dr. Dre - Old Time's Sake

  • Artist: Eminem
  • Track: Old Time's Sake
  • Feat. Dr. Dre
  • Producer: Dr. Dre
  • Album: Relapse

Back when NWA dropped Straight Outta Compton, life was a little different. For example, smoking was allowed on airplanes—cigarette smoking, anyways; what Eminem and his legendary musical mentor, Dr. Dre, are doing on Relapse's latest official leak was no more legal then than it is now, but two talents of their caliber can be forgiven for rewriting history as they spark one up for Old Time's Sake. Puffing on the chronic at an an altitude of 4.5 million feet (which converts to... eight million miles?!), Slim and the doctor take turns on the mic. Dre's classic flow and midtempo, string-driven beat are guaranteed to take longtime fans on a trip down Memory Lane, and Em's dizzying verses find him going heavy on his trademark shock antics and polysyllabic rhymes, but lighter on that cartoonish accent that earned We Made You and 3 AM a few one and two-star ratings (personally, I'm digging this more than either of those tracks). For the few who haven't already marked their calendars (or, you know, live under rocks), Relapse is set to split the game wide open May 19th.